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MAKO, Robotic
Arm-Assisted Technology

MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing and MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement are enabled by the surgeon controlled RIO® robotic arm system, offering increased accuracy to optimize surgical results.

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Dr. Rieber specializes in ACL, Rotator Cuff Repair, Sports Injuries, Ligament/Tendon injuries and Shoulder Dislocations. No matter what the season, Dr. Rieber will help keep you on the slopes or in the game.

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MIS Joint
Replacement Surgery

You don’t have to live with severe joint pain. If you haven’t experienced adequate relief with medication and other conservative treatments, MIS joint replacement may provide the pain relief you long for.

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The Latest in
Shoulder Advances

Dr. Michael H. Rieber specializes in the treatment of Labral Tears, Shoulder Dislocation, Rotator Cuff, Arthritic treatments, and Total and Reverse Total Replacements at his locations in Springfield and Newark, New Jersey.

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Sports Medicine &
Orthopedics in New Jersey

Orthopaedics Unlimited is devoted to the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and also includes arthritis. Dr. Rieber's goal is to provide you with state-of-the-art care in orthopedics (also spelled: orthopaedics) and sports medicine. Quality time is devoted to each patient toward the restoration of health and prevention of future problems.

Minimally Invasive Joint Surgery in New Jersey, NJ

Dr. Michael Rieber is an advocate of minimally invasive surgery, and strives to use these advances whenever possible to improve outcomes for patients. Compared to traditional surgery, minimally invasive advances help reduce the pain and downtime associated with surgery, and also minimize scarring.

Innovative treatment options, including direct anterior hip replacement surgery and MIS knee replacement, can potentially alleviate painful arthritis symptoms and allow patients to return to the activities they love.

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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a discipline concerned with the treatment of athletic injuries in a safe and effective manner. Dr. Rieber is fellowship-trained in Sports Medicine, making him an exceptional choice for treating athletic injuries in New Jersey.

In his experience treating both professional and amateur athletes, including the Newark Bears baseball team and the Newark High School football team, Dr. Rieber has developed a reputation for providing world-class orthopedic care.

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Innovative Shoulder Pain Treatment

Dr. Rieber is a shoulder surgery specialist, treating both patients with athletic injuries and osteoarthritis in the most effective manner possible. As an arthroscopic surgery expert, Dr. Rieber treats patients suffering from a number of musculoskeletal injuries, including labral tears, rotator cuff tears, and dislocated shoulders.

Dr. Rieber will only suggest joint replacement surgery (total joint replacement or reverse shoulder replacement) when the patient's arthritis does not respond to conservative approaches. This ensures that patients receive the least invasive and most comfortable treatment possible.

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